" IST believes that we need to know the firm’s culture and how they operate so that we can make the best recommendations for the firm to improve their records program."


-Hal Blackman

President & CEO

Records and Information Management Services

Bridging paper and electronic records.

Over the past 19 years, IST has developed clear and measurable processes through successfully aiding our clients’ Records and Information Management (RIM) programs towards greater Information Governance compliance.  We combine this experience with the expert leadership and insight of our in-house Certified Records Managers to offer full spectrum records protocols:

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Experience that matters.

IST provides full service Records and Information Management services in compliance with your policies and procedures.  We maximize existing resources – labor and technology – or upskill training introducing enhanced technologies tailored to fit your needs.


Additionally, IST is able to bridge the gap between paper and electronic records through our proprietary software systems, DocStor Legal and DocStor RIM.


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Linda Muller CRM, IGP, ERMp

Vice President, Records and Information Management and Partner

With twenty years’ experience in records and information management as a Certified Records Manager and Information Governance Professional, Linda can be instrumental in building strategic records management compliance plans for your organization by providing an in-depth analysis of current RIM processes.


Linda’s leadership role oversees support to IST clients including the design, implementation, and maintenance of records management systems.  Additionally, Linda’s standing in the RIM community is second to none as she continues to learn, influence and mobilize the latest RIM best practices.