Web-based application used to track and report all HR activities at a site. This includes basic HR personnel information, time reporting, and online training/certification.

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 IST Office Services Features:

IST has a team of researchers and developers working around the clock to both identify and create new

technologies that enhance IST’s service levels by increasing efficiency and ease of use. IST is committed

to finding the best way to get the job done. We recognize that when we provide the best, most efficient

and quality driven services, our customers are provided with the support they need to perform their

essential business functions.

The Keystone to IST’s On-Site Services, IST Suite.

IST provides our customers with the most comprehensive and technologically advanced office support management software in the industry, IST-Suite. IST-Suite is the keystone to IST’s site operations management and providing IST’s clients with the most efficient and cost-effective processes in the industry. IST can provide the following modules of IST-Suite:

Unlike our competition, who use several 3rd party software systems to support their various service offerings, IST has created its own all-inclusive software system, IST-Suite, with our robust end-user database atthe center.  The end-user database communicates with all service modules of IST-Suite, no matter the combination of services IST is performing.  If a change is made in one service area, that change is instantly replicated across all system platforms.  The end-user database also tracks and consolidates reporting on all IST activity and provides this information in real-time via the web or in clear, easy to follow printed reports.

All inclusive software system.

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