At IST Discover-E, we have years of experience helping our clients with their eDiscovery needs along with full scale legal support management systems.  We are expert in creating and customizing eDiscovery processes that best fit our client’s needs and expectations.  Our model is uniquely transparent, easy to understand and effective in aiding our clients get the decision they want for their clients.

In a similar way, the fundamentals of assembly line theory have been applied to eDiscovery business processes with some success. These methods of organizing work all share the common goal of improving throughput by reducing the amount of time individual project managers spend on specific tasks.

After having spent 20+ years serving the legal community in a support role, IST knows all to well that there can be no compromising quality or flexibility when trying to achieve the greatest efficiency.  This is why IST chose to apply a single tool assembly method to our Discover-E productions.  This method begins with isolating a tool that is powerful enough to support a production from start to finish.  We found this tool in kCura’s Relativity.  Within Relativity, IST Discover-E project managers work in one - or two person - teams following a project through all stages of the production ensuring final quality and client satisfaction.

  • Zero risk of unsecured, lost or damaged data – data is not copied from server to server.
  • No additional fees for transferring data between multiple systems.
  • The same Project Manager handles your data from start to finish.
  • 100% visibility of project progress.
  • Changing search/processing parameters is enacted immediately with accountability built-in.
  • Our approach creates greater worker involvement in the production process and knowledge of the system.

We all have 24 hours in our day. Time is our most valuable commodity and how well we use it can be the primary determiner in our success vs. failure. The key to making a success of our time is to dictate where the time goes, how it is used and how to avoid letting it slip away.

When modern drivers think about the Ford Model T—if they think about it at all—they perhaps dimly perceive it as the car that changed the world. That is correct, but the true source of that seismic shift in mobility was the automotive assembly line. The Model T just happened to be the product it was used to build.

 IST Discover-E White Paper:

Single Tool Workflows Unlock Key Efficiencies

Conversely, the majority of eDiscovery service providers apply a Modular/Cell method to their eDiscovery productions by using separate, parallel systems (i.e. NUIX, iPro, LAW, etc.) to feed into a final production line.  Using this method, project managers can handle multiple, disparate productions simultaneously while linking older systems with newer ones, thus reducing the amount of investment required.  While the Modular/Cell method of eDiscovery productions decreases time spent, it also presents a number of concerns as it relates to cost, flexibility and quality:

  • Multiple systems are used bringing multiple fee schedules.
  • Project Managers are task-based specialists with no personal investment in the quality of the finished product.
  • More processing and production technicians are required to work on a project.
  • Data may be lost or damaged as it transitions from one server/system to another.
  • Clients are billed for more project manager time than necessary as data passes from one “specialist” to another.
  • The system is not suited to accept in-process requests or changes in search terms.
  • Additional fees are billed for additional search terms.

Just as time is our most valuable commodity; the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  IST Discover-E’s single-tool production method using the enterprise capabilities of Relativity combined with dedicated project management teams provides superior control over where the time goes, how it is used and how to avoid letting it slip away through error and quality control issues.

“It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.”

- Henry Ford

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