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Saving Money: eDiscovery Services

You Shouldn’t Be Paying For


At IST Discover-E, we have years of experience helping our clients with their eDiscovery needs along with full scale legal support management systems. We are expert in creating and customizing eDiscovery processes that best fit our client’s needs and expectations. Our model is uniquely transparent, easy to understand and effective in aiding our clients get the decision they want for their clients.

Legal professionals agree that controlling costs is one of the most important success factors in a matter.

The variety of eDiscovery vendor workflows, billing models and client engagement styles can overwhelm even the most savvy consumer.  The following list was compiled to help you avoid unnecessary fees when partnering with eDiscovery providers.

Don’t Pay for On-Site Data Collections

Collection technology has evolved to enable data to be collected from multiple custodians and data sources using either secure internet connection or a single collection device plugged into your organization’s network by one of your IT Admins.

Don’t Pay Data Ingestion and Transfer Fees

Once the data is “In” you’ll have to pay for the processed data set to be transferred “Out” to the hosting environment - you will pay twice for the same data! Look for a single cost per GB model rather than getting peppered with nickel-and-dime fees.

Don’t Pay Minimum Fees for Data Hosting

Cutting edge eDiscovery vendor’s Hosting environments allow them to securely and ethically host multiple matters on the same server. This practice reduces vendor’s operational cost considerably, but some of them still will still try to stick you with a bill.

Don’t Pay for Data Productions

The computing power behind the latest eDiscovery platforms allows a good Project Manager to be done in a few clicks. The only thing you should be paying for with productions is PM time and that should be nominal.

Don’t Pay for Data Destruction

While case closing can be more complicated and require Project Manager time to organize data, disposing of your data should be provided at no cost. After all, getting rid of your data frees up space on a vendor’s servers for additional clients/matters.

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