Data Collection and Digital Forensics

 IST Discover-E Features:

Data Collection

IST Discover-E collects the data so it may be sent to the vendor for processing review and analysis. Methods that will facilitate the transfer of data are FTP (file transfer protocol), hard drives, thumb drives, CD/DVD, data tapes, etc.

IST Discover-E offers experts working with inside and outside counsel since 1998 to control the cost, quality, security and defensibility of identifying and accessing electronically stored information for litigation purposes.


IST Discover-E provides consultation and guidance in collections and have the ability to travel anywhere in the world to collect data.   When onsite, or working remotely, our experienced investigators perform targeted searches and know what questions to ask to find all data needed for the case.   They can customize the custodian interview process based on the location of the data and conversation about where the data may live.


IST Discover-E utilizes partnerships with leading digital forensics specialists to secure acquisition of computer data, examine data to determine details, such as origin and content; and, present computer-based information in courts of law. This is all in accordance with the most recent standards for computer forensics practices.

IST Discover-E ediscovery Magnifying Glass

Digital Forensics

These services include:

  • Collect and preserve digital data to ensure the chain of custody that data represents
  • Recover damaged/deleted/lost files and metadata across multiple platforms
  • Identify and secure evidence, including indications of attempts to conceal, fabricate or destroy important data
  • Review findings with client via direct, non-technical reports
  • Suggest strategies for more effective tracking of digital data and handling of digital information
  • Remote collections using Relativity
  • On-Site expert collections with no travel cost

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